General conditions

We use cutting-edge technology to manufacture and distribute our products, striving for quality and customer satisfaction. Out of respect and to maintain the credibility gained with its consumers, the company created an exchange, return and regret policy in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code.

Article 49 of the CDC:

“The consumer can withdraw from the contract, within 7 days of receiving the product or service, whenever the contract for the supply of products and services takes place outside the commercial establishment, especially by telephone or at home”.


Withdrawal or regret only occurs when the purchase is made outside the commercial establishment. In this case, the consumer must express their interest in canceling the purchase within a period of up to 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of receipt of the product; If the deadline is not respected, you will be under penalty of losing your right to withdraw.

To return the product, it must be in excellent condition, with no signs of inappropriate use or physical damage (e.g.: dents, scratches, oxidation, mischaracterization of the purchased item, burnt component, use of an inauthentic accessory). Remembering: It is mandatory to return the product with its original packaging. Returns will only be accepted, for any reason, when the product packaging is returned without any damage/damage.

The exchange will be subject to the availability of the product in stock. If the product is not in stock, you can choose one of the following alternatives:

- Choose another product, paying or receiving back the difference in values, if any; or receive a refund of the amount paid. In addition, the customer can opt for store credit, using it on new purchases.

Cancellation must be informed via email and our team will guide you on how to proceed.

After receiving the respective product(s) at our address we will analyze it, if it is within the return rules we will get back in touch so we can resolve what happened.

The refunded amount refers to the amount paid on the returned product(s), that is, taking into account any discounts and/or promotions current on the website.

Example: If you purchased the “Buy three and get two free” promotion and paid R$479.70 for the products and within 7 days you choose to withdraw from the promotion, the calculation made is:

Amount paid: R$479.70 for 3 products

Product unit value: R$159.90

If you return 4 units, the amounts to be refunded are:

R$479.70 - R$159.90= R$319.80 return value

The amounts will be refunded, in full or in part, using the same payment method chosen when purchasing:

Credit Card: The card administrator will be notified and the refund will occur according to the deadline stated in your card administrator's policy. The deadline and reimbursement procedure for the customer depends on the card administrator's policy, which may be on the next or subsequent invoice.

Bank Slip: if payment has not yet been made, the boleto may be disregarded and its cancellation requested by SAC. However, if the invoice has already been paid, the refund will be made by bank deposit within 15 working days, after the request, which can be in the buyer's current account (15 day period) or savings account (15 day period). ), who must be the holder.

An Available Electronic Transfer (TED) fee of R$5.00 will be charged on each refund made by bank deposit.

For more information, contact SAC.

You must send your bank details in the email, such as account, branch, bank, CPF, full name of the account holder, so that we can speed up the entire process.

Attention: We are exempt from the obligation to respond to requests for exchange or return of any product returned without communication to customer service, after the deadline or with missing items/accessories that accompany it.

Note: If you cancel your purchase after the invoice has been issued, contact us via SAC email and then refuse delivery of the product. After returning the merchandise to our Distribution Center, we will process the refund using the same payment method and the total amount paid for the purchase.

Remembering : No return made without authorization from the company will be considered. Therefore, no product that enters logistics will be returned or the customer will have a refund made.


If the purchased product is defective, it will be repaired or replaced with another product equal to that described in its invoice, according to the following conditions:

Within 7 (seven) days of the product delivery date, you must contact our Customer Service Channel, using the contact email with the subject: “Product with factory defect”.

After a period of 7 days (from receipt), you must contact the Customer Service Center to obtain further information and instructions.

We ask that you send a photo of the defective/incorrect product in advance so that our team can analyze your case and speed up service.

Products with burnt/sticky/modified/adverse to the factory original due to improper handling by the customer will not be accepted.

After receiving the respective email, we will contact the customer again to inform the procedure that must be taken.

The process for returning defective products takes place based on the company's internal procedures.

Will I have to pay for the first exchange or return?

Exchanges made within 7 days of receipt must contact the company's SAC to obtain more information.

If you are outside of 7 days after receiving the product, you will have to bear the shipping cost for exchanging the product.


When requesting an exchange, it is possible to receive an Exchange Voucher for the same amount paid at the time of purchase, if you do not have any product that interests you at the time.

After the Exchange Voucher is released, you will receive an email informing you of the number and validity. From that moment on, it will be possible to view and unlock the voucher.


the voucher expires one year after the date of receipt;
the voucher is identified with the buyer's CPF, which prevents use by third parties;
If the value of the voucher is less than the value of the new purchase, you can pay the difference with a credit card or bank slip;
If the value of the voucher is greater than the purchase price, you can use the difference on other purchases, as we do not refund amounts after 7 days of receiving the product;
If the purchase was paid in full with the voucher, payment confirmation occurs within 2 (two) calendar days.