Is the Teus Pulos website reliable?

Yes! We work with the largest security platform for e-commerce in Brazil, CartPanda.

Furthermore, our website has SSL security, which is mandatory by law for all online stores in Brazil, as it encrypts all transactions carried out on the website, guaranteeing the confidentiality of all information.

Why do products take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive?

We believe that it is possible to provide quality products at a competitive price in the Brazilian market. However, to achieve this we chose to work with extremely competitively priced products through suppliers abroad (North America, Europe and Asia). Therefore, when a new order is placed in our store, we send the request to our suppliers and they send it directly to your home.

Do all orders come with a tracking number?

Yes. We value transparency and that is why all products are sent with internationally valid tracking codes.

When will I receive the tracking number after my purchase?

Our suppliers (industrialists who manufacture the products) ask for 5 to 10 business days to ship and provide the tracking number. If you haven't received it after this period, just get in touch.

Because it is an international order, can I be taxed at Brazilian customs?

Decree Law 1804/80 on imports makes it CLEAR that every Brazilian has the right to import products worth up to $100USD (US Dollars) without any taxes. If your product is taxed, please contact us so we can assist and TRY to minimize tax charges. If the charge is unavoidable and no other recourse can avoid payment, it will be the responsibility of the end consumer!

Are all products shipped internationally?

Yes. From China, Europe or the United States.