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Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Women's Boots

Women's boots are truly versatile and democratic footwear, which wins the hearts of most women. Over time, it has become so adaptable that it is no longer limited to the cold seasons, but also invades spring and summer. A look combining this piece with dresses and light clothes is simply charming in our tropical country.

No wonder, right? This adorable piece of footwear is a true chameleon, fitting perfectly into the most diverse looks and occasions. They are practical and fit well in all situations, whether at work or a romantic dinner. It's impossible not to fall in love.

But after all, which model to choose? Which option best aligns with your daily life? With this in mind, Oscar Calçados prepared a guide with a variety of styles of women's boots. Let's go?

Types of Women's Boots

There are countless variations of boot models and each season, new styles emerge to make the choice even more challenging. Which model best fits your style? Do you prefer a traditional boot or a more daring style, like combat boots?

Next, we will present the types of women's boots that have been trending recently.

Women's Ankle Boot Style

Ankle Boots are short ankle boots, usually ankle-length. They come in options with and without high heels, perfect for creating versatile looks.

Over the Knee Boot

They are super high boots, which go above the knee line. They became famous in the film “Pretty Woman”, starring Julia Roberts, and have recently returned to the spotlight in fashion, thanks to the popularity boosted by singer Ariana Grande. Below, you can check out a post on his Instagram wearing black boots.

Slouchy Boots Women's Boot

Slouchy Boots have long or medium shafts, which are not as close to the leg. They get this name because “slouchy” means “sloppy”, which translates into a more relaxed and laid-back look.

Women's Boots in Country Style

The country women's boot model needs no introduction, being considered a true classic! It appears as a trend from time to time, but it never disappears completely.

Chunky Boots Women's Boot

Chunky Boots are new from recent seasons. The Prada brand launched them and they quickly became a success, inspiring a series of models around the world. They are short or medium-length boots, with a very heavy flatform (straight) sole, generally made of treated rubber material. The black version is the most popular, but it is now possible to find options in other colors on the market.

How to Choose the Perfect Women's Boots?

When choosing a women's boot, it's normal to feel indecisive. With so many options and trends in the world of fashion, how can you choose just one or two models when you want to have them all?

If you've found yourself at this fashion crossroads, check out some tips that Oscar's blog has prepared for you:

1. Know Your Style

Each of us has a penchant for a style that appeals to us most, be it classic, modern or alternative. Analyze your routine and choose boots that are in line with your everyday life. For example, if you love the rocker style but work at a law firm, consider whether this style of boot fits into most of your day-to-day work.

2. Observe Your Body Type

Although there are no strict rules, observe some aspects of your silhouette and choose models that enhance your unique beauty even more. Consider factors such as long, thin legs, wide hips, thick or thin thighs, your height, among others.

3. Height: The Finishing Touch

The choice of boot shaft is strategic. For shorter legs, Ankle Boots and tractor soles are great options. Another popular alternative is the ankle boot with a flat sole, which offers height and comfort.

4. Lengthening the Silhouette

Avoid visual cuts on the leg, especially the calf. Choose boots that provide balance and comfort. Girls with thick legs can opt for short ankle boots or ankle boots with a slightly longer shaft.

The important thing is to always choose comfortable women's boots that make you feel good and confident. Regardless of your choice, pay attention to factors such as comfort and quality. If you have questions about how to choose a comfortable boot for your body type, check out the article on our blog that explains everything.

Discover the perfect women's boot and walk around with confidence and style!

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